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ALI Certified Annual Lift Inspection


From the technician’s standpoint, inspections greatly increase the level of safety for themselves as well as their co-workers. Technicians and their families will truly appreciate a lift owner’s commitment to shop safety.

From the lift owner’s standpoint, besides providing a certain “peace-of-mind”, a periodic lift inspection program allows us to discover and repair problems while they’re still minor.

At Herpel’s we offer the complete ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) inspection program, and we have (3) certified inspectors on our team.

ALI Certified Inspection is the only nationally recognized inspection program to date.

For a lift company to have an ALI Certified Inspection program available, the company and each certified tech must go through extensive training and testing to be able to provide the customer with a qualified lift inspection.

After the inspection(s) are complete, you will be provided with a full electronic report of the condition of your lift(s). You will also receive an inspection certificate for each lift and an estimate for any needed repairs.

This section will be updated as the lift inspection climate changes and as rules/laws are enacted.


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