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Professional Installation

At Herpel’s Auto and Truck Lifts we take as much pride in your new purchase as you do. Our speedy install process includes discussion with the customer to determine needs for the bay receiving the lift. This results in a proper placement of the hoist, the first time, every time.

With training provided by Rotary Lift at their Madison, Indiana headquarters, our technicians are trained to strictly follow Rotary Lift’s installation guidelines and procedures, guaranteeing a properly installed and adjusted lift for years of trouble free operation.

We are also very experienced at handling situations that would affect the installation process, such as floor/concrete issues, ceiling restrictions, soil conditions, limited space, etc.

Many times the install is our first and only chance to earn many years of your business, when Herpel’s installs your new lift, this will become obvious. We welcome and thank you for the opportunity to impress.

From a portable 6,000 lb. mid-rise lift up to the big 80,000 lb. capacity lifts, we will handle all of your lifting needs in expert fashion.


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